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Who are Peninsula Secure Group?

Peninsula Secure Group has evolved from an operational specialist security consultancy providing protective physical security and risk mitigation for Diplomats, Corporate executives and Television news crews working in hostile environments.

Fort Security Doors

We have taken all that operational real life experience and focused on providing a first class security solution for clients who simply want to feel safe and secure whilst in their own homes .

We devised a four point strategy for the provision of a total security solution .We then sought out to nurture trade accounts with manufacturers who could meet our strict criteria. With the emphasis being on the companies ability to manufacture a quality assured end product that was built here in the UK. A product that  at the very least has achieved the highest standards and gained the highest accreditations set out from within that sector of the industry  and a company that proved to us that it was client focused and integral.

The last line of defence for any family is the safe room, we offer our clients two variations that once installed will provide a safe haven and peace of mind.

In Libya

The latest crime statistics say that the door is by far the most used method of entry for a burglary or an intrusion. The figure is around 80%, so we only supply doors that have been tested to at least the Secured by design police initiative. In fact our maximum security doors are virtually impregnable.

Almost all other methods of entry are via the windows,  we offer our clients maximum security windows.

The next line of defence is an integrated security system that can be managed, monitored and controlled from anywhere in the world.

We also offer a resilience management service whereby we devise a  bespoke protective security plan that encompasses both reactive and proactive strategies to minimise our clients exposure to risk in any part of their life.

Call me and we can discuss how we can minimise both you and your families exposure to risk.

Our northern office based in Cheshire covers the Lake District, Lancashire, Gtr Manchester and Cheshire.
Our London office based in Kensington covers central London, North London, St Albans, Hemel Hempstead, Winchester and Southampton.

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