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Secure Gated Community


We are dedicated to the single security solution. Our aim is to protect our clients, their families and their assets.

Areas of operations.

Our northern office based in Lancaster covers the Lake District, Lancashire, Gtr Manchester and Cheshire.
Our London office based in Kensington covers Central London, North London, St Albans, Hemel Hempstead, Winchester and Southampton.

Security Systems

wireless alarms

A technologically advanced home security system will enhance the protective membrane surrounding your assets and the safety of your family. We install British designed systems that are built with quality, resilience & functionality in mind. A seamless integration of technologies that will enable you to access, monitor and control your home security from anywhere in the world.

Panic Rooms

Secure Panic Rooms

Nothing can give you more reassurance than a strengthened structure that is secure by design and locked by a fast action bolting system mounted onto an armoured door.

If you and your family come under attack, you simply enter your safe room, lock the door and then summon help. There is no need to panic.

Secure Doors

secure residential doors

Peninsula Secure Group provides class leading secure residential & commercial door installation services. Bespoke secure residential doors that are manufactured to the highest industry standards.

World class doors that are built by skilled British craftsmen and they are structurally secure by design, yet aesthetically beautiful.

Risk Management

Security Locks

A clear security strategy can only be successful if a company or an individuals risk and their exposure to risk has been analysed and assessed. We can help our clients to avoid, or at least become resilient to disaster or crisis by identifying and analysing risk and events that are outside of the manageable risk parameters. The implementation of sound security procedures and a thorough damage limitation plan with special contingencies identified is a proactive method of managing risk , risk avoidance and overcoming a crisis.