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Panic Rooms

“The ultimate solution for safety and security within your own homeā€¦”

panic room
Nothing can give you more reassurance than a strengthened structure that is secure by design and locked by a fast action bolting system mounted onto an armoured door.

If you and your family come under attack, you simply enter your safe room, lock the door and then summon help. There is no need to panic.

We can design a bespoke safe haven within a home or place of work that will resist any intrusion attempts for hours or even days if need be.

panic room
Once we have established the level of threat and the risk of any attack we can either create a covert safe room or alternatively we can turn any room in the building into a safe room with the capability to withstand any level of attack.

We can install cctv and an audio system to communicate with intruders as well as a direct means of communication to the emergency services or other help.

A panic or safe room can double up as a family vault where expensive items can be stored and can be fire proof for insurance compliance.