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Resilience Management

Security Locks

Total risk cannot be mitigated out of existence however “hoping for the best” or inaction is not an option.

We offer a “total care package” encompassing the complete management of a person, their families and their business assets’ exposure to risk.
Typically this would start with a full structural security survey of our client’s home address.

All the elements of our client’s life, their family’s lives and their business ventures can be assessed using the same method of risk analysis, assessment and mitigation. We collect information from International Risk Advisory companies and gain up to date intelligence on terrorism, social and economic unrest as well as local criminal networks and their activities.

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After conducting a thorough risk and analysis assessment of the actual risks and the probability or possibility of an event including the impact of any such event, we then develop a clear effective strategy to eliminate, reduce, counter or overcome an event or crisis situation.

A proper protective strategy will identify criticalities, determine their failure conditions and build mitigating controls that can detect or eliminate these failures and include a budget and costing for a support system that when implemented, will enable 24/7 monitoring and response.

We believe that we can provide a protective membrane around our clients and their families which will allow them to live their lives without fear.

Training Assistance


PSG also offer bespoke training packages or pre travel training for clients who will be visiting hostile or potentially dangerous areas, whether that be for work or for leisure. We can show our clients how to plan for the unexpected and we can overcome most eventualities .We have vast overseas experience with both media teams and diplomats and a network of intelligence gathering agencies along with in country assistance which gives us the confidence to plan and assist our clients and their families when travelling globally.

We offer counter terrorist training and seminars to private and corporate entities and as a collective unit our knowledge and real life experience is truly second to non. We receive up to date information not always available to the open source network, allowing us to plan ahead and to be better prepared to avoid risk.

Corporate due diligence, investigations and protective operations are available to our clients, for a wide range of issues including peace of mind or simply fact finding, whatever the issue we can provide the solution for our client.